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The performance has already been featured at the Victoria & Albert Museum and various arts centres around the UK as well as on Turkish television. Russian Gypsy Soul has also provided

highlights at various Russian and international functions, private

festivities and corporate functions for Rosgosstrakh

Insurance, Open Russia Conference, Mari Vanna, EBRD bank,

Chaika events and similar.


Line-up: The show is adaptable in size and set-up to suit

various venues, performance spaces, technical set-ups and

                                                                        budgets. The full line-up of 6

                                                                        musicians and 3 dancers is

                                                                        perfect for art performances

                                                                        on large theatre stages as well

A stunning show of traditional Romani Gypsy music and dance, from Russia and beyond, showcasing virtuosic music and fiery traditional Gypsy dance-art. Well-loved Gypsy favourites and rare musical treasures in distinct arrangements with striking dance choreographies, bringing a little piece of nostalgia and passion to the audience.

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for a spontaneous, acoustic 'Gypsy Camp'-style show.


The minimum line-up is a 3-musician ensemble including Russian singer, violinist and guitarist or accordionist, for a music-only performance. 1-3 dancers can be added on. Frequently, the ensemble performs a music and dance show of 20-45 minutes. For private parties, the music programme can be tailored for the occasion, for example to provide vibrant interludes between speeches and toasts, or a passionate up-tempo set to get everyone dancing.