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Gypsy Music and Dance from Volga to Caucasus,

from the White to the Black Sea, via the Red Square…


Gypsy Soul brings a slice of the Moskova Romani Theatre to London. A stunning show of colour, energy and nostalgia, with fiery music, alluring vocals and passionate Gypsy skirt dancing, with songs from Russia’s favourite Gypsy movies as well as other musical treasures from the romantic and vibrant Romani music repertoire.


Gypsy Soul takes their audience onto a journey, bringing the exotic flair of the precious past and distant lands to their audience. It is the only show of its kind in the UK. Originally developed as an arts performance project by violinist and Romani music specialist Gundula Stojanova Gruen, Russian Gypsy Soul has been performed at Art Centres, festivals and concert halls around the country, and was featured on TV and radio. More recently, Gypsy Soul brought its unique magic energy to Wedding and Birthday celebrations, Maslenicas and of course to Winter and New Year festivities. Corporate and private clients include Rosgosstrakh Insurance, EBRD bank, Mari Vanna, the Victoria&Albert Museum, Luton Hoo Hotel, Chaika events St John's Smith Square and others.


The Performers:


Singer Anna Wolfberry, who grew up in Moscow, brings along her true Russian heart.


Dancer Linda Gjorgeva Toteva contributes authentic Romani roots, having learned her first dancing skills from her Romani mother and uncle.


Violinist and singer Gundula Gruen has researched and studied Romani music for more than 25 years, she leads the group with ‘joy de vivre’.


Tatcho Drom, Gundula’s ensemble, support the performance with virtuosity, energy and soul.

The full show includes a 7-8-piece line-up with 6 musicians and 1-2 dancers. For optimum effect, the show is usually performed on stage with lighting and amplification, however, for intimate spaces, the artists can perform a ‘campfire’ style version of the show, acoustic or semi acoustic.


For public arts performances (Arts Centres, theatres…): Russian Gypsy soul tells a tale of sorrow, happiness and love in music and dance. The show usually lasts for 2 sets of 45 min. For lunch time recitals or similar it may be compressed to 1 set of 50-60 min. The group also offers workshops (vocals, music, dance) or interactive events suitable for family or children’s performances.


For functions and other events: most clients book the exclusive 20-30 min surprise show; the ensemble also offers a 45 min music and dance set, or 2x 45 min performance of music and dance, for the guests to join in.


In addition to Romani music, Russian Gypsy Soul has also a repertoire of beautiful old Russian folk songs, which may be performed separately, or in conjunction with Romani music.If budget and/or space is tight, the show can be performed in a reduced line-up of 3-5 performers.